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The Good Rice brings you freshly baked Italian food, that you can't resist 

We love bringing you the best Sicilian food everyday.


About Us

Founded in 2019 by Matteo and Michele, The Good Rice is committed to serve delicious Sicilian street food in the heart of London. It provides you a delightful experience and an amazing trip to Sicily, that you can't resist. Inspired by the Italian lifestyle,

The pastry chef and baker opened a pasticceria in which people would have a quick coffee, sweet or savoury pastry while having a chat... just like in Italy.

As baker and pastry chef, Matteo and Michele create imaginative and delicious treats with  freshly resourced products of Italy. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or something to bring home and share, they have got just the thing for you. They proudly serve all of their delicious baked goods with a smile, each and every day. We encourage you to come by for a taste you won’t forget!


Sicilian Cassatina

Almond Marzipan filled with sponge cake, ricotta cheese and candied fruits


Rollo' with Wurstel

Savoury pan brioche filled with wurstel

Location Address:

98 Robert street

 NW1 3QP


United Kingdom

Closest Tube stations: 

Warren Street

Great Portland Steet



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